Improve Well Being

VR studies demonstrate astounding positive impacts on ageing and senior care.

∙ Acute and Chronic Pain
∙ Stress, Anxiety & Depression
∙ Neuroplasticity & Protections Against Aging
∙ Cognitive Deficits & Memory Impairment
∙ Insomnia & Sleep Aid
∙ Loneliness, Isolation and Agitation


∙ Independent Living
∙ Assisted Living and Hospice
∙ Memory Care
∙ Home Health

improve quality of life
Avoid boredom while improving mental and physical abilities. Reignite passions of mental stimulation while re-exploring the world. Provide life changing VR experiences and personal agency, that allows those in wheelchairs or bedsides to feel free and globally mobile again.
Scientifically Proven Benefits
Top studies have shown significant mental and physical improvements with weekly VR engagement in both healthy and Alzheimer's adults. Studies also show that VR is a strong tool for combating the development of Alzheimer’s symptoms in aging individuals.

Large improvements were reported in adult brain function & stimulation, as well as wellbeing, pain management, spatial processing and other important categories. The studies also noticed substantial reductions in loneliness, boredom, depression, balance and motor issues among other important results. VR is the perfect fit for adult care.
A mentally stimulating alternative to TV
VR immersive worlds offer captivating experiences that allow residents to forget their chronic pain, anxiety and feelings of isolation. Engaging in light interactive VR experiences provides many health and mental benefits over passive TV watching. Transition from passive watching to immersive engagement.
Distinguish your facility, attract new residents
Offer seniors without mobility the experience of traveling the world and living as if they were young again. Attract new residents to your location by offering unmatched value and access to a wide range of VR experiences where clients can travel anywhere in the world.
a lifelike gateway to anywhere in the world
Prevent boredom and depression by allowing residents to travel the world and explore life changing experiences together. Visit anywhere in the world, explore outer-space, coral reefs, museums, landmark locations and much more. Reignite residents passion for life.
Promote Interactive Light Exercise
Studies have shown improvements in physical strength, balance and stamina in adults who use VR. Offer an endless amount of locations and experiences that will motivate residents to engage in light exercise.
Brain Improvements
Top studies demonstrated significant improvements in mental skills and general wellbeing for seniors engaging in semi regular VR use. These include improvements in mental activity and attention, memory, spacial recognition and recall, directional awareness as well as large reductions in depression, loneliness and isolation. For instance, after VR/Video Game use, seniors multitasking skills reached levels beyond those achieved by untrained 20-year-old participants, with gains persisting for 6 months.
Combat Alzheimer’s Symptoms
Clinical studies have demonstrated that VR creates significant improvements in spatial waywardness and orientation, memory and reminiscence, and mental processing for both seniors with Alzheimers and healthy brains. VR is key tool for preventing and reducing Alzheimers symptoms while providing a calming experience during times of distress.
Increase Age Realted Well Being
Top studies demonstrate VR creates significant positive improvements in pain management, quality of life, brain activity and social engagement while preventing loneliness, depression and unfilled bucket lists. The light exercise involved with VR use helps seniors improve their basic balance skills as well as strength in their hands, arms, legs and neck.
2x Pain Reduction of Morphine
In a breakthrough study by HIT Labs and Simon Fraser University, severe burn victims were given a snow themed virtual reality experience during times of intense pain. Patients reported a 60-75% pain reduction with VR sessions using no painkillers compared to a 30% pain reduction when using just morphine. The VR subjects did not experience any side effects compared to the trials using pain medicine.
Life Changing Immobility Aid
Provide a portal to endless locations and experiences around the world and revitalize the minds and engagement of immobile residents. With VR, the mind is tricked into feeling as if it's living within the actual experience - creating instant realistic vacations around the world. Residents will feel as if they are swimming, walking, hiking, snorkeling and thousands of other activities from the comfort of a activities room or bedside.
Easy To Use
Providing life changing VR experiences and endless personal agency, also allows patients who are bedridden or in wheelchairs to re-experience life again, as if they were free and globally mobile.
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VR Pain Management Study 1 (2014)

[Study Results] “Studies also indicate the effectiveness of VR for both chronic and acute pain conditions. Future possibilities for VR to address pain-related concerns… in our ever increasing elderly population. VR also shows promise to help in such areas as drug abuse, at-home treatments, and athletic injuries.”

VR Pain Management Study 2 (2011)

[Study Results] “VR subjects showed a significant reduction (p<0.05) in sensory, emotional, and cognitive pain components with VR treatment of either kind compared to baseline. However, subjective analgesia was significantly greater in the High-Immersion VR group compared to the Low-Immersion VR group for all three domains of the pain experience.”

Mental Improvements in Working Memory (2013)

[Study Results] “Critically, this training resulted in performance benefits that extended to untrained cognitive control abilities (enhanced sustained attention and working memory)… predicting a training-induced boost in sustained attention and preservation of multitasking improvement 6 months later.”

Study: VR Treats and Combats Alzheimer's (2017)

[Study Results] “Significant improvement in long-term spatial memory after the VR-based training for patients with Alzheimer’s; this means transference of improvements from the VR-based training to more general aspects of spatial cognition was observed. There was also a significant effect of VR-based training on executive functioning for cognitively healthy elderly individuals. In sum, VR could be considered as an advanced embodied tool suitable for treating spatial recall impairments.

VR improves senior muscle activity and balance (2017)

[Study Results] “VR was effective in improving muscle activity and balance in elderly women aged 65 and older.

VR Improves Cognitive Impairments and Symptoms Dementia (2016)

[Study Results] “Findings suggest that VR-based training can be considered as an interesting tool to improve adherence to cognitive training in elderly people with cognitive impairment.

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